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Attention to detail

You worked hard to earn your belt, so you deserve the best belt money can buy.  Our belts feature laser-straight stitching that can only be produced using state of the art Japanese sewing machines. Seeing is believing Above: Using technology-enabled sewing machines and custom made tools results in a work of art. Straight lines and tight stitching are prominent features of our belts. Compare our belt with a commodity belt using outdated sewing machines and you'll see that their stitching is not straight and their lines are inconsistent. Also, take note that our belts are constructed of three layers of heavy duty 750gsm double weave judo fabric on the inside. Commodity belts are made of a more low-density foam that breaks down more easily...

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Designed for the Jiu-jitsu Lifestyle

Your most versatile training companion. Perfect for daily training, a long day at a tournament, or a weekend trip to attend a seminar. Designed to handle short trips Just carrying your bag from your house to the car and from car to the gym? Save time and use the convenient handles. It can accommodate longer trips too Taking the subway to your gym? The handles probably won't cut it, so you'll want to use the shoulder strap and carry it across your shoulder. World traveller? We've got you covered... Traveling long distance? Use the backpack straps to distribute the load across both shoulders. Bonus feature - if you're traveling by plane to a seminar, this duffel bag is carry-on compliant. No need to pay exorbitant fees to check in your bag!...

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How much can it fit?

Because we designed this bag specifically for jiu-jitsu, we didn't want a bag that was too small. More importantly, we didn't want a bag that was too big! Because we often travel for seminars, we designed the duffel to be carry-on compliant. With that said, let's cut to the chase. This duffel will allow you to comfortably carry: Two gis Belt Towel Change of clothes Water bottle Flip flops Tape Mouth guard and more... Two mesh compartments Great for storing loose items like mouth guards and tape. Large main compartment The main compartment has two cinch ties to compress clothing, allowing you to fit more in the bag. Side pocket For hygiene reasons, I like to put my flip flops in the...

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