Designed for the Jiu-jitsu Lifestyle

Designed for the Jiu-jitsu Lifestyle

Your most versatile training companion.

Perfect for daily training, a long day at a tournament, or a weekend trip to attend a seminar.

Designed to handle short trips

Just carrying your bag from your house to the car and from car to the gym? Save time and use the convenient handles.

It can accommodate longer trips too

Taking the subway to your gym? The handles probably won't cut it, so you'll want to use the shoulder strap and carry it across your shoulder.

World traveller? We've got you covered...

Traveling long distance? Use the backpack straps to distribute the load across both shoulders.

Bonus feature - if you're traveling by plane to a seminar, this duffel bag is carry-on compliant. No need to pay exorbitant fees to check in your bag!

If you're Living the jiu-jitsu lifestyle like us,

the destination is always the same...

In the next article, learn about how much gear you can carry in this bag.
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