Attention to detail

Attention to detail

You worked hard to earn your belt, so you deserve the best belt money can buy. 

Our belts feature laser-straight stitching that can only be produced using state of the art Japanese sewing machines.

Seeing is believing

Above: Using technology-enabled sewing machines and custom made tools results in a work of art. Straight lines and tight stitching are prominent features of our belts.

Compare our belt with a commodity belt using outdated sewing machines and you'll see that their stitching is not straight and their lines are inconsistent.

Also, take note that our belts are constructed of three layers of heavy duty 750gsm double weave judo fabric on the inside. Commodity belts are made of a more low-density foam that breaks down more easily in in an effort to save cost.

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Hi there, I’m a believer of quality that’s way I chose to use Flow kimonos , I have both 2 kimonos and they are not coming with a belt and I was expecting that Flow have at least a incentive for there costumers to have a belt that mech the kimono. And one more think the kimonos are great I have a Air and a 5.2 my sumer gui and the classic gui. But the adhesive that come wit its made of paper and it don’t last to long on the back of my car, so this is free marketing for Flow . So maybe it worthy to spend little more on a good quality adhesive to cary your name. Thanks and I hope this comments will help your company to continued growing on excellence.

Marcelo Souza Sansāo

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