No-gi gear reimagined

Sweat and scramble

Training "no gi" is undoubtedly a fun complement to gi training. Without the gi holding you back, it's higher paced, tests your cardio and produces a ton of sweat. However, with so much direct skin-to-skin contact, there's naturally an increased risk of encountering a contagious skin ailment.

Ringworm, folliculitis, impetigo, and staph are serious skin infections that can be contracted from the gym. MRSA, an antibiotic resistant variant of staph, can be potentially life-threatening.

With all of these dangers in mind, we designed our naturally antimicrobial Hemp Shorts for making your "no gi" training safer. Because our rash guard is constructed 100% recycled PET polyester it is a great barrier for germs. Additionally, the Hemp Shorts are constructed of hemp, which is naturally antimicrobial, making them the perfect piece of armor to ward against mat nasties. Combining our naturally antimicrobial Hemp Shorts with a pair spats, a rash guard, and a proper personal hygiene regiment will ensure that all your bases are covered.

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    What is the inseam length on the short?

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