Tips for staying clean while you train

Tips for staying clean while you train

We are all familiar with the health benefits of training jiu-jitsu. From physical benefits such as weight loss to psychological benefits such as stress relief, it's no wonder that we're all addicted to this wonderful sport. However, there are risks to our sport. Aside from the sore elbows and bruises, we need to keep in mind that...

Training environments often harbor many nasty microbes. Two common examples are:

The last thing we want is to be out of training for weeks or months due to easily preventable skin infections.

Tips for maintaining a clean and safe training environment:

  • Shower with soap before and after training
  • If leaving the mat areas, always wear proper footwear, to avoid bringing microbes back to the mat
  • Ensure the mats are cleaned daily
  • If you think you have a skin infection, DO NOT train

Combined with a comprehensive hygiene routine, our naturally antimicrobial 100% hemp gis are a perfect complementary tool in helping you enjoy a healthy grappling career.

Do you train no gi?

With all of these dangers in mind, we designed our naturally antimicrobial Hemp Shorts and rash guards for making your "no gi" training safer. Because our Hemp Shorts are constructed of hemp, which is naturally antimicrobial, they are the perfect piece of armor to ward against mat nasties. Combining our naturally antimicrobial Hemp Shorts with a pair spats, a rash guard, and a proper personal hygiene regiment will ensure that all your bases are covered.

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Wash your belt as often as you wash your gi – after every training session.

Al DeBurca

Muy buen artículo y buenos consejos, gracias!!

Luis Roldán Sumuano

Joe, since I’m not an overly superstitious guy, I don’t believe that washing your belt washes away your skills. I recommend washing your belt after every training session!

Jonathan Leung

What is your perspective on the question of whether belts should be washed? and if so, how often? :)

Joe Hoffer

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