Why Coolmax?

Why Coolmax?

We know that you depend on us to stay on the bleeding edge of gi innovation. Our mission is to provide you the best tools so that you can operate at your highest efficiency.
Why did we choose to use Coolmax fabric in our gis? Simply put. Coolmax fabric was designed with one goal in mind - breathability. In practical terms, this translates to increased comfort, in turn promoting better performance in your Jiu-jitsu. Ever train in a drenched gi? It's miserable. Coolmax will keep you dry and performing at your best.

Coolmax background and history

Coolmax, a trademark of Invista, is a brand name for a series of moisture-wicking technical fabrics developed in 1986 by DuPont Textiles and Interiors (now Invista). The fabrics employ specially-engineered polyester fibres to improve "breathability" compared to natural fibres like cotton. 'Wick away' or 'wickaway' is a general term used for fabrics that are engineered to draw moisture away from the skin through capillary action and increased evaporation over a wider surface area.

Technical information

Coolmax fibres are not round, but are slightly oblong in cross-section with grooves running lengthwise along the threads. They are manufactured in either a tetrachannel or hexachannel style. The series of closely spaced channels creates capillary action that wicks moisture through the core and out to a wider area on the surface of the fabric which increases evaporation.


Official Coolmax video


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