Equipment upgrades and quality improvements

Equipment upgrades and quality improvements

Innovation and new features are certainly part of our mission statement. However, our meat and potatoes has always been the pursuit of quality. We chose our manufacturing partner because they have the same belief in not only creating the most consistently durability product possible, but also continuous improvement. We all want to improve everyday - isn't that why we train?

With that said, we purchased several pieces of new equipment to advance our progress in the journey to make the best gi on the market. In this article, I want to introduce to you some of technology that makes our consistent quality possible.

New paper pattern cutter

First of all, what is the paper pattern and why is it important? The paper pattern is the template used to cut the individual pieces of fabric that are then sewn together to make up our the gis that we know and love. The fabric is typically stacked 300-500 layers thick, the paper pattern template is placed on top of the stack, and a bandsaw is used to cut through the fabric, using the paper pattern as a guide.

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Gone are the days of the error-prone method of drawing our paper patterns with pencil and ruler. We now have the capability of storing our paper pattern digitally and printing it out the paper patter on demand. This makes adjusting the cut of our gis easier and creating the paper patterns faster and more consistent. It all results in a more precisely cut gi and ultimately a better fit.

New thick lapel sewing machine attachment

We've been listening to your feedback and many of you have said the number one improvement they'd like to see if a beefier lapel. Well, ask and ye shall receive - we've contracted out a custom made stainless steel sewing machine attachment that will allow us to construct a THICK lapel. Perfect for those who don't properly respect their opponent's choke grip and get choked for their trouble ;)


New drawstring loop machine

This new purchase is another step in creating a more consistent product. This machine can crank out drawstring loops that are the same size every single time. One thing to note, our belt loops are almost twice as wide than most other brands on the market. We sweat the details so that you can have a more durable, longer lasting gi.



The future

We're always looking to automation to help us in making a higher quality and more consistent gi. As we acquire more machinery and automation, we'll educate you on their uses. Rest assured, that we're always finding new ways to innovate and produce a better gi.

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I love Flow Kimonos, and the one thing that I like is the way the lapel is now. A beefier lapel is the complete opposite of what would make a gi top better for my needs. I am concerned that I will have to find another gi that can come close to the quality of Flow Kimonos if the “beefier lapel” is standard on all of the gi tops rather than an option.

David Bordeaux

I’ve tried several brands and Flow is my fave. I am so very happy that you guys have Female Cut Gis! I am spoiled now, I feel the better fit and now the rest are second best. Looking forward to the new improvements, right on guys!


I love that you guys are such a down to earth company and keep us informed on product advancements and technology. I have the Air in blue and white and a white Pro and all of them have held up great to heavy training. I slept on the white Hemp series in my size and hope it comes back around . keep up the great work guys!

Jason Stewart

I recently acquired 2 pro series 4 gis and I must say that I’ve had many compliments on just the look alone. The fit, quality, and craftsmanship is top notch. Keep up the great customer service and the quality. Thanks Flow

Ryan M Eche

We have 2 black hemp, 2 Blue Axiom, and 2 Pro Grey. Everyone always asks about our kimonos and compliments them. Not only are they great products the service from Jon is amazing and refreshing that there’s good people left in business. Don’t hesitate and purchase…ohh we also have 2 Duffle Bags worth it!

Michael Marcaida

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