COVID-19: Let's Fight Back!


We can make a difference

It's hard for me to admit this, but for the past few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has left me feeling somewhat helpless.

While, quarantined at home, watching medical staff fighting tirelessly at the front lines, one can't help but feel the need to contribute more to the fight. Without any medical skills to directly assist on the front lines, I resolved to tackle the PPE shortage.

So I began by speaking with our gi supplier in order to source masks. Luckily, he was able to find a face mask supplier not far from his factory willing to sell us small batches of face masks.

Currently, I have 300 KN95 masks in my hands and ready to ship to local hospitals. A great start for sure, but as an individual there is limited impact that I can make on the PPE shortage.

But I believe there is a better way. If the jiu-jitsu community rallies together to fight this pandemic, we can make a truly meaningful impact on the PPE shortage.

Our proposition:

For every order placed, we'll donate 10 KN95 masks to hospitals and first responders

In short, we're going to use a portion of our sales (15-20%) to fund donations of face masks until the PPE shortage is under control. If you don't need any equipment at the moment, consider grabbing a gift card.

Keep an eye on this page, as I will be posting updates here. Better yet, sign up for our VIP email newsletter to receive updates about this campaign.

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Update 4/4/2020:

1) Big win. I've confirmed that the face mask supplier is comfortable with shipping us small shipments of 1000 masks a time.

2) Working with Municibid Connect to find hospitals and other organizations who need face masks.

3) Reached out to Cambridge Health Alliance regarding face mask donations.

Let's do this!


Update 4/5/2020:

Cambridge Health Alliance replied and has given us the green light to ship them our face masks.

I'm preparing to ship out an initial batch of face masks today.


Update 4/6/2020: 

1) Have the green light from the Massachusetts National Guard to donate a batch of face masks to them. Will scheduled a pick up today.

Read more about what the National Guard is doing to fight COVID-19

2) Municibid has helped us identify several municipalities that are in need of masks. We have reached out and are waiting for responses.


Update 4/9/2020:


Update 4/11/2020:

First batch of masks are their way out! Left to right: 100 face shipping to Cambridge Health Alliance, 100 masks shipping to Town of Norwood, and 100 masks scheduled to be picked up by National Guard truck.


Update 4/13/2020:

National guard came by to pick up a batch of masks.


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I am a nurse working at an emergency department, how do I look in to getting somebody’s masks donated to us?
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