The Competitor's Secret Weapon

The Competitor's Secret Weapon

Do you train in a hot and humid place? Have you ever struggled to make weight for a big tournament? The Air kimono, is your proverbial ace up the sleeve in such harsh situations. Constructed of a breathable lightweight 350gsm fabric, the Air averages 3.5lbs and will keep you comfortable even during your toughest rolls.

Take a look at some of our competitors who are dominating the competition circuit, while relying on the trusty Air kimono:

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I have 4 Flows now and the hemp is far and away my favorite. Also, you need to update that top photo – John is a black belt now and just won the Miami Open and Patrick (as you know) is a brown belt now. All are still rocking the Flows

Chris Green

Just want say I love ur gi. I live and work in Cairo Egypt where it is almost always about 90degrees. I can’t wait to get my hands on this gi! Im a fat of 5 boys 1 does jui jitsu and the others are Judo practitioners. As soon as I get my finances in order I WILL be ordering 2. I HOPE U GUYS SHIP TO CAIRO!!!!

abdul raheem

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