Combed cotton advantage

Combed cotton advantage

Because you've come to only expect us to use the finest material, we only construct our Pro Series and Air gis out of combed cotton. What is combed cotton you ask?

 "Combing is a technique that has been used in the preparation of textiles for centuries. Essentially, combing is a process that helps to smooth and prepare fibers for use in spinning. Combing also helps to separate short fibers from longer ones, which also helps to make the process of spinning much easier."


"The texture of combed cotton is softer because it lacks short threads to stick out and prickle, and all dirt and impurities have been removed from the thread. Combed cotton is also stronger, because shorter and breakable fibers have been removed through combing. In addition, the straightened fibers lie together more tightly after combing, making combed cotton thread less likely to fray and unravel. Because the combing process removes volume and adds an extra step, the resulting textile will be slightly more costly."



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