How to care for your hemp gi

How to care for your hemp gi


Shrink to fit

Our gis are preshrunk and you will see minimal amounts to no shrinkage if you cold wash and hang dry your gis. However, your gi is slightly roomy out of the bag, it is possible to shrink it. Try a combination of warm water wash and medium heat dry cycle. For extreme cases you will have to hot wash and hot dry.

For natural white hemp gis

If you prefer a brighter shade of white for your hemp gi, DO NOT use bleach. Bleach will damage the hemp fibres and weaken the fabric. Rather, use the age old practice of drying your gi in the sun. Sun light naturally whitens the hemp fibres.

What to do if your gi is scratchy from hang drying

Firstly, a scratchy gi is a sign that you may be using too much detergent. If that is not the case, we recommend that you put your gi in the dryer on a tumble dry cycle with NO heat. If the gi is still a bit scratchy, toss in a couple of tennis balls into the dryer when you tumble dry. If cared for properly,  a hemp gi should be the softest and most comfortable gi you can wear.


Shedding is a natural characteristic of 100% hemp clothing and is unavoidable in the breaking in period. However, after 5-6 wash cycles the shedding should be minimal. Just be patient with the gi and consider it something that gives your hemp gi personality. :)


Vinegar is your gi's best friend. If your hemp gi has a hard to remove stench, try soaking your gi overnight in a bucket of vinegar. Vinegar also helps with removing blood stains and also softens up a rough gi. Don't worry, after putting your gi through a wash cycle, the vinegar smell will completely wash out.

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I absolutely love my Flow Hemp Gis. I started out with a black hemp gi and recently received my natural white gi. They are both amazing and now I gave several other brand gis that will hardly be worn. Its just hard to go back to them after rolling in the Flow Hemps.

Great product and great service! Thanks so much,

Ron Sanchez

Ron Sanchez

This is the second hemp Gi I have purchased from Flow. I shrank the first one too much, but still wear the pants. This Gi is the best cut and feel I have ever worn. I haven’t touched my other Gi’s since it came in the mail and will probably pick up another just to have around. You won’t be disappointed. Just make sure to follow the care instructions strictly. Thank you Flow Kimonos for making such a great product.

Matt Castillo

I can’t wait to try my new gi. I’m excited to see and tthe great things we can do with hemp replacing cotton. Cheers!


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