An insider look into how our hemp belts are crafted

An insider look into how our hemp belts are crafted

We start with a high quality cotton webbing

Just like great food starts with great ingredients, we believe that our products should be constructed of the highest quality components.  For the inside of our belts, we selected a high density cotton webbing that will feel substantial when tied around your waist. Expect to put some time into breaking in this belt - it isn't anything like the free belt you get when you sign up for your first class. :)


Measure twice and cut once

Our production crew are artisans in the truest sense of the word. I can't tell you how many times I've been yelled at by the frustrated production manager when my designs weren't specific down to the millimeter, failed to provide exact pantone colors to dye the fabric, or specify exact thread type used in the belts. I'm happy to say that with the guidance of the production manager's years of experience, we're producing a top of the line jiu jitsu belt that makes absolute no compromises in terms of quality materials and craftsmanship.

Cutting the hemp twill fabric

We start off with a strong 330gsm 100% hemp twill fabric.  Hemp twill fabric becomes softer over time and ages gracefully. It comes on reams of fabric called "bolts" and is unrolled onto the cutting tables. The fabric is then stacked, pinned down, and cut by hand.

 Stitching the belt

For strength, we opted to use a 40s/3 polyester sewing thread. This means that thread consists of 3 plies and that 1kg (2.2lb) of this type of thread will span 40km (~25 miles) when unravelled. In other words, it's pretty strong stuff.

Most production of the production staff have 15+ years of experience. Combine that experience with modern computerized sewing equipment, and you have yourself a meticulously put together belt.


Quality control

Yes, we use a caliper to confirm belts are manufactured to specification. No, we do not mess around! :)

Final Product

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Hey Jon,

Thanks for the note on my promotion to Blue. Do you have any idea if/when you will have Hemp Belts in Blue?

Rob Braniff

Rob Braniff

I love my flow kimono belt!

Alexander Lopez

I hoping in a year or two to be putting on my Faixa Preta and trust me it will be a Flow. Unmatched quality in Kimono’s, Belts, etc…

Richard Scholl

I just received my purple belt and I would really like to see how they are made, also I’m trying to purchase a purple hemp but they seem to be sold out, please help

Wilfredo Cintron Jr.

Do you offer extended sizes? I am a very larger martial artist and have a nearly impossible time finding belts, gis etc to fit. Thanks and have a great day

Brian Swisher

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