A first look: Axion - White

A first look: Axion - White

Tired of gis that have too many patches on them? Maybe you're simply looking for a gi that leaves you room to personalize with your own patches?

We've developed a brand new minimalist competition gi, the Axion. With only one understated embroidery on each shoulder, the Axion boasts a super clean design. Pairing a 350 gsm pearl weave jacket with 8 oz ripstop pants ensure that you don't have a problem making weight at your next tournament.

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I absolutely love my blue axion gi ,by far the best fit out of the package of ANY gi I have EVER purchased!! With the large selection of sizes I was able to have a custom fit without the custom gi price tag!! I highly recommend Axion by Flow Kimonos NOW if I can only get the white Axion in A2H lol obviously the great fit is keeping them in high demand! Pull the trigger and buy your size they don’t last long


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