Custom Patches

High-level Overview

We use dye sublimation as a printing method because ink infuses into the fabric. This means your design will remain vibrant and will not fade over time.

Patch material is a felt-like flock material which is soft to the touch and extremely durable.

Turnaround time is typically 4-5 business days depending on complexity of design

Patch cutting process

We use a commercial grade plotting cutter to produce consistently high quality patches

Patches ready for application

At this point, we prepare the gi by ironing it to remove wrinkles and to create a flat surface to press the patch onto. After we remove the patch backing, the patch is positioned and applied to the gi.

Final Product

The patch is pressed onto the gi under heavy pressure and high heat. Even after repeated washes, the patch remains vibrant and shows no signs of cracking or peeling.

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